2015 Lexus Lx 570 Specs and Review

The 2015 Lexus LX 570 midsize SUV is a large, massive, extremely capable sport utility vehicle that delivers an outstanding interior comfort and uncompromising off-road capabilities. It is a conventional SUV, planned more for the track than the parking lots it usually sees. The new Lexus LX 570 2015 does not experience much change in its exterior and interior style, except the only noteworthy addition will be the addition of Siri Eyes-Free Mode that allows the driver to use the Siri commands of their iPhone to control the entertainment system.

2015 Lexus Lx 570-front


Due to the massive proportions of the Lexus LX 570 2015, the new SUV does not appear anything similar to the rest of the SUVs in the Lexus lineup. It lately transitioned over to the spindle grille of the brand, but the ultimate decision is still pending whether that design language, in fact, performs well on so much sheet metal. The new LX 570 comes with somewhat a more subdued appearance than its predecessor, but still, it is not exactly a clean design.

2015 Lexus Lx 570-side

Lexus Lx 570 2015 Redesign, Interior

The new 2015 Lexus LX 570 comes with a better interior design when compared to that of its exterior. The cabin of the new LX 570 is equipped with high-class materials in a comfortable, yet, in a well-designed manner. However, the instrument panel of the new model SUV is upright, but delicately detailed, softly curved, and accented by means of matte-metallic, and the generous cabin is bordered with high-quality perforated leather and inspiring veneers. It now comes with dark-colored metallic trim and mahogany wood paneling, cloned with the cashmere leather.

2015 Lexus Lx 570-interior

Engine, 2015 Lexus LX 570 Specs

The new Lexus LX 570 2015 comes with the four-wheel drive system and it is expected to be equipped with a V8, 5.7-liter engine, which is adapted from the Toyota Land Cruiser. However, this engine is fine tuned to offer the vehicle the necessary power of 383 HP. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission to offer the vehicle an unfavorable mileage of 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway, which is somewhat less of a sport utility vehicle class.

Another major setback about this new Lexus LX 570 2015 is that it does not come with an alternative drive train. However, this midsize SUV is a solid candidate in the off-road class, and while it sprints well in straight lines on the freeways, its weight and size are not so welcoming to winding roads. It is not trouble-free to maneuver, as it feels extra-large for city streets, and allows its body to roll enough to dishearten the spirited driving.

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2015 Lexus Lx 570 engine

2015 Lexus LX 570 Price and the release date

As the new Lexus LX 570 midsize SUV does not get much modification, it may be expected for sale at any time in 2015 with the base price of $83,180.

2015 Lexus Lx 570-rear

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