2015 Lexus RC F Specs, Sports Coupe

Lexus latest car, The 2015 Lexus RC F, defies its maker’s tradition, with its manufacturer having incorporated in it a 2+2 coupe that contains several impressive list of power train, including a hybrid and a v-8 powered track star, the car clearly defies its manufactures tradition. The car will be a sport version of the RC coupe. New Lexus RC release will lead Lexus back in the racing scene. The car’s features are below.

2015 lexus rc f specs-front

Lexus RC F 2015 Interior

The car’s interior will not be much different to that of the RC350. Only a few modifications will be done but certainly it is race ready cockpit for top speed. This implies that the car’s interior will be made of leather, that is, the seats, the inner side of the door and the inner upper side of the car will be of leather.

The interior will also have a satellite navigation system, Lexus Enform multimedia and cabin control system, a 19 speaker audio system and a dual zone climate control system. The main difference of the interior to that of RC350 is that the Lexus RC interior will have a new pair of front sport seats with a different design to that of RC 350, new design of the racing pedals.

2015 lexus rc f specs-interior


The car’s exterior is expected to have a stylish comfy look. Its headlight will be triangular shaped, adding to the cars good look. At the front of the car, will be a honey comb grill that will complete the car’s stylish look. The new 2015 Lexus RC F rear bumper will have a quad exhaust system. Lexus RC F dimensions are: 185.2 inch. Length 72.6 inch, width 54.7 inch, Height 107.5 inch wheelbase. This car has 19-inch wheels on front-255/35R19 and on rear-275/35R19 tires.

2015 lexus rc f specs-side

2015 Lexus rc f Engine

The cars manufacturer incorporated two for this sports coupe engine options in the car. One of the engines will be a 5.0-liter engine aspirated v8 that can produce as much as 7100 rpm, a 467 horse power and as much as 389 lb-ft of torque@ 4800 rpm. Considering the 167 MPH limited top speed of the car, from 0-60 mph it goes for just 4.4 sec, this engine is good for the car. The other engine option will be smaller; it will be a 3.5 liter v6 producing 318 horse power and 380 nm. Both engines will have relatively low fuel consumption. If you’ll opt for the hybrid then expect a 220 hp from it and lower fuel consumption.

2015 lexus rc coupe price-engine

Both 2015 Lexus RC F engines will have a common transmission. The transmission will be an 8 speed direct shift which will be coupled to the rear wheel through an electronically limited differential. This strong engines need strong brakes to stop it, it is job of Brembo calipers 14.9-inch front brake rotors clamped with six-piston and on rear 13.5-inch slotted and ventilated. Fuel tank capacity is 17.4 gal, and fuel consumption 25 Mpg Hwy / 16 Mpg City.

2015 Lexus rc Price and release dates

Although the car’s price hasn’t been announced, considering Lexus previous models and competitors, the new Lexus RC F msrp should go for at least $ 63.325. The 2015 Lexus RC release date is also not yet announced but the car is expected to hit the market early 2015 and it will be among top of the class of sport coupes. BASIC WARRANTY for this model is 4 Yr. and 50,000 Miles.

2015 lexus rc f coupe price-rear

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