2016 Toyota Auris Hatchback Price, Review

Toyota, one of the leading Japanese car manufacturers, will release one more expansion to the rear door market, which is expected to be extremely strong. The innovative car models of Auris similarly happens to be half and half getting ready to clash with the opposition through some gimmicks and the overhauled configuration. It is almost like the existing 2014 model, although some progressed things were incorporated in it. Obviously, this new hatchback Toyota Auris 2016 model will be the most artistically developed with extraordinary tricks to it. The progressions apply to both outside and inside, and it comes with the more helpful engine.

2016 Toyota Auris-front

2016 Toyota Auris Redesign, Changes

The exterior comes with some improvements when compared to its predecessor. It offers a more silent performance than the earlier model. However, it is somewhat longer and broader than its forerunner with the increased length and breadth of 30 mm and 55 mm respectively. The new Toyota Auris is expected to be frivolous by 45 lbs when compared to its predecessor, owing to the use of lighter materials in its body construction. Shockingly, it is confirmed that the manufacturer presented a lighter alternative of this model with a weight of about 45 kg when compared with the existing model. This new model sedan from Toyota will come in distinct colors with the effectively confirmed to be blue, white, and silver.

2016 Toyota Auris-side

Toyota Auris 2016 Interior

The 2016 Toyota Auris hatchback is a fresh from the new plastic Toyota models with the most admirable gimmicks ever. The inside is open, hazy and decently aerated with additional tricks and modernize plan. A proportion of the bigger size of the external surface can bring to the inside part of the vehicle, so that the indoor measurement of 20 mm provides the vehicle more room to rear seat passengers. Next, the pole dimension will similarly get an increment to 530 liters, when the back seats are folded, it can be increased to 1658 liters.

With respect to the interior styling of the new model sedan, the materials used for the inside part are anticipated for a revise as an issue if the existing model is not by any stretch of the imagination suitable with a part of the opposition. Furthermore, buyers can expect a part of the latest engineering to stick the new Toyota Auris.

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2016 Toyota Auris-interior

New Toyota Auris Specs, mpg

The new 2016 Toyota Auris engine will be equipped with a 1.8-liter petrol options, which is capable of offering the vehicle a maximum power of 136 HP. This engine offers the new Toyota Auris a silent performance, and with an acceleration of 50 km per hour. This 1.8-liter petrol engine comes with a lithium element battery, which is intended for electric stockpiling. This means that the new vehicle from Toyota is a high performer and can move at top speed without providing any noise as a problem of exhaustion. CO2 emissions of new Auris is just 79 g/km and combined fuel consumption is only 3.5 l/100 or 78.4 Miles Per Gallons.

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2016 Toyota Auris-front

Price and release date

Though the exact price and the 2016 Toyota Auris release date have not yet revealed by the manufacturer, it is expected that the new model sedan will be available for sale during the first half of 2016. Its base price will definitely be more than its predecessor that is currently available at $ 23,000, owing to lots of redesigned features.


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