2016 Toyota Kikai Concept

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, is embracing its strange side at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, and no automobile demonstrates that strange streak in excess of the 2016 Toyota Kikai concept. Combining a blend of touches from earlier models appreciates the complex loveliness of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. One among the coolest characteristics of the Kikai Concept is that its design leaves nothing concealed. The front and back suspensions are completely exposed, and even the back-mounted engine is very easy to examine. The spirit of frankness continues to the indoors, as well. Besides the big side glass for the two back seat travelers, the driver in the middle can observe the tires at work in the course of windows mounted close to the floor.

Toyota Kikai Concept front

2016 Toyota Kikai Concept Exterior

While the products of individual originality, devotion, and familiarity, automobiles should be the objects of appreciation. The Toyota Concept was designed to discover and highlight the basic attraction of the vehicle, such as its fine craftsmanship, loveliness, ease, and its fascinating movement. As an exact concept coupe, the appeal of Toyota Kikai is simultaneously exempt and dependent on the core concepts of vehicles.

The Kikai Concept assumes the machinery, usually hidden under the body of the vehicle, and creates an open exhibit of its attractiveness. The inside workings of the vehicle are directly expressed in this manner has turned out to be a component of the exterior. Besides the vigilantly designed shape, continued into facts counting the fuel tank, exhaust pipes and reserve tank. Also there are analog-designed gauges and switches provided an attractive dialog with the equipment. It comes with the body measurements with the length of 3,400 mm, width of 1,800 mm and height of 1,550 mm, with the wheelbase length of 2,450 mm.

2016 Toyota Kikai Concept side

2016 Toyota Kikai Concept Interior

The petite window at the feet of the driver is another unique aspect of this car is the structure. It communicates the motions of the suspension and suspension and the rush of velocity along the surface of the road. The motions of the upper control arm are also noticeable through the wind guard. This offers a novel driving feeling in which the equipment that supports different operations, such as turning, cruising, and stopping in normal daily driving can be professed with the senses directly.

2016 Toyota Kikai Concept interior

2016 Toyota Kikai Concept Interior

The implementation of a middle driver seat that positions the driver of the vehicle at its heart. Concept offers an additional natural sensory association with the vehicle. The most favorable spacing between the three rows of passenger seats is attained by means of their triangular design generates a friendly in-cabin communication room. The liberal side window that goes up to the top delivers complete pleasure in natural and urban landscapes alike.

As the majority of vehicles hide their inside workings under a soft sheet metal. The 2016 Toyota Kikai Concept encourages future owners to appreciate the multifaceted loveliness of its mechanical aspects. More generally, it reminds buyers about the appeal of the tactile and physical in a digital era.

2016 Toyota Kikai Concept rear

Engine and Performance

The new 2016 Toyota Kikai engine appears to be motorized by a transverse Inline-4 powertrain and a durable electric motor. The engine appears analogous to what powers the Prius. Obviously, this is undoubtedly just a concept vehicle and not a production coupe, so who knows. However, it appears as if the concept’s intention was to employ of a hybrid engine system, attractively showing out back there.
Still the price and the release date are not yet revealed by the automaker.


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