2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cells, Price

Mirai is the Japanese word for future. And just as the name suggest the 2016 Toyota Mirai has been dubbed as one of the cars of the future motoring industry. The Toyota Mirai is a mid-size, 4-door sedan car that is manufactured by Toyota. It runs purely on hydrogen and it has water as its only emission. Therefore this car is one of the champions and ambassador for the campaign towards zero-emission cars and a carbon neutral planet.

2016 Toyota Mirai-front

2016 Toyota Mirai design

The exterior has been described as ugly by most reviewers and this is mainly because Toyota has applied a new technique on its frontal design. The facial design has emphasized on the right and left sides grills with large air-vents because this is where air for system cooling and oxygen supply will be drawn. It will have LED head lights, vertical lights on both sides, its tail lights will be triangular while it has additional lights on its trunks.

It will come with no exhaust pipe since it draws in air and emits water. The Toyota Mirai will ride on a 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and it will be available on six body colors. It is also expected to measure 109.4-inches in wheel base, 192.5-inches in length, 71.5-inches in width, 60.4-inches in height and it will have a curb weight of about 1,850 kg.

2016 Toyota Mirai-side

Toyota Mirai 2016 Interior

The interior has a great look and one of the reasons being that analogue gauges found in most cars have been replaced by a 4.2-inch Liquid-crystal TFT screen which offers a multiple information display screen. This screen is located on the upper central side of the dashboard and is above the information and entertainment screen that is used for entertainment controls, connectivity, GPS navigation e.t.c.

2016 Toyota Mirai-dash

The steering wheel is also fitted with some controls. The new 2016 Toyota Mirai will also come with other interior features that bring comfort on board and they include; An automatic air conditioning system that has independent right and left temperature controls, an echo mode operation, heated steering wheel and a two temperature setting seat heaters that provide warmth using very little power. It will be available in three interior colors to choose from including warmth white.

Toyota Mirai 2016-interior seats

Engine, 2016 Toyota Mirai mpg

The new Toyota Mirai will be powered by an engine using a fuel cell technology to generate electric power from a reaction of hydrogen and oxygen with water vapor as the only emission. The electric motors will be able to produce 153 horsepower and 247-lb/ft of torque while the hydrogen fuel cell stack produces 151 horsepower. It will be able to achieve a maximum speed of 111-mph with an acceleration of 60-mph in just 9 seconds. It comes with a battery of 1.6-Kw/h nickel-metal hybrid. The fuel economy is relatively good mainly because hydrogen fuel has denser energy compared to gasoline.

2016 Toyota Mirai-engine

With only 5-kg of hydrogen which is equivalent to five gallons of gasoline, it is able to achieve a millage of about 300-miles(480 km). It comes with a power output port that can generate energy enough to power an average home for close to a week when both hydrogen tanks are full. The hydrogen tanks are made from carbon and Kevlar fiber so as to avoid an explosion in-case of a clash. It takes approximately five minutes to fill this hydrogen tanks.

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Price and Release Date

There has been a great demand for the new Toyota Mirai and this has made Toyota to increase its production to three times to meet the high demand. The car is expected to be released in late 2015 as a 2016 year model car.The car will be sold at a price close to $57,500 on average.

2016 Toyota Mirai-rear

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