2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Rumors

The concept of the 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser small SUV is beginning to capture city people because it offers the convenience similar to that of a fuel-competent family sedan with the benefits of a standard sport utility vehicle. The new Cruiser is expected to be on the stage with other rival sedans, particularly with the Nissan Qashqai, and it is expected to offer better performance and fuel economy that that of other vehicles in its class because of powerful engines. It also comes with a more spacious cabin to offer a more comfortable seating to adult passengers than other vehicles of the same category.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser front

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Redesign, Exterior

The new Toyota crossover will provide a rough view on its outside. Its external design will be based on another model, the Toyota IST, but the exterior styling is slightly modified to offer it a unique quality. The new Urban Cruiser is expected to come with a bipartite front grille and its engine hood would bear the Toyota emblem in its middle section. The front and back bumpers will come with the body color of the new Urban Cruiser and the new vehicle is expected to be equipped with both LED daylight lights and notably big LED headlights, but xenon headlights come as an optional external feature.
The 2016 Urban Cruiser comes in a five-door body style and its roof will boast a new roof spoiler. The new vehicle will run on aluminum wheels with the diameter that ranges from 16 to 17 inches. It comes with an external dimension of 154.7 x 67.9 x 60.6 inches in length, width and height respectively with the wheelbase of 96.9 inches and with the overall body weight of 2668 lbs (approx 1213 kg).

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser rear

New Toyota Urban Cruiser 2016 Interior

Toyota has taken much effort to make the interior design more luxurious to competently vie with its rivals. As a result, it comes with a roomy cabin that is designed to offer a comfortable sitting space for five adult travelers. To make it very luxurious, Toyota has adorned the cabin with premium materials, and with extremely comfortable leather upholstered seats.
Even the base mode of the new Urban Cruiser is crammed with great standard features, including a six-speaker acoustic system, a temperature control system, and electric front seats. The higher end models of the new vehicle are going to be equipped with a seven-inch monitor to offer video entertainment, satellite-powered navigation and internet connectivity. The vehicle would also come with an Entune infotainment system that will run the information and entertainment functions. To boost the charm of the interior of the new vehicle, Toyota equips it with a telescopic leather-covered steering wheel.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser front

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Specs

Toyota releases it with three engine options.
The primary 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser engine option will be a 1.3-liter petrol engine to offer the new vehicle the essential power of 101 HP and an utmost twist of 132 Nm. Through this engine, it will attain the 62 mph speed from the start in 12.5 seconds with the top velocity of 109 mph.
The second optional engine will be a turbo-powered diesel engine with the capacity of 1.4 liters. This engine is fine tuned to offer a maximum power output of 240 HP and a maximum torque of 205 Nm. Toyota equips this engine to the four-wheel drive model of the new Urban Cruiser.
The third and the final optional engine will be a 2.8-liter petrol turbo engine with the capacity of 2.8 liters, which is competent to produce a maximum power of 240 HP.
The next gen Urban Cruiser will come with a front-wheel drive mode as standard. Just similar to many family sedans, the new vehicle would come equipped with a six-rated manual transmission.

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2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser front

Release date and price

Toyota 2016 Urban Cruiser is expected to hit the dealerships for sale during the first half of 2016 with the starting price of $ 70,000.

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