2017 Lexus LF-LC Concept, Price

Following several years of improvement, all of it proposes that the current LF-LC cars will turn up into sequential output now during the 2017 year. The design concept of the 2017 Lexus LF-LC is based on Lexus Future Luxury Coupe and it is that sequential design will get a variety of titles naturally. The approaching 2017 Lexus concept is the vehicle of the future. The 2017 LF-LC is an astonishing, and the best fashionable vehicle, which is really a two-door coupe that was revealed at the 2012 International Auto Show in Detroit, North America and would be either a replacement vehicle for the current vehicles in the Lexus lineup or a brand-new one.

2017 Lexus LF-LC front

2017 Lexus LF-LC Exterior, Design

The meticulous external styling and excellent lines were and still are one among the most gorgeous things. Obviously, with the purpose of ending the new LF-LC up being manufacture-ready, Lexus’ The engineers of Lexus will have to worry about price controls and protection set of laws, but the genuine model may be derived closely upon the thought.
Similarly, the headlights are excessively sharp and by means of the refurbished hood, these features will definitely end up the new vehicle being more conventional, as well. The novel, wheels with the smaller diameter on the new LF-LC need to have the same feature, but the air intake at the base of the back fender of the vehicle will probably be rolled over Around the rear part of the new LF-LC, the buried taillights are cool, which are somewhat bothering, as well. The new LF-LC will be ready for sale if these taillights are made bigger and pulled about the edge.

2017 Lexus LF-LC side

Lexus LF-LC Interior

The Interior of the next gen Lexus LF-LC coupe is a wild speculation at the moment. The current interior design of the LF-LC positively will not cut it, but a few things might move slowly into next generation models of Lexus. If the 2017 LF-LC coupe becomes a separate model, it will be renovated with leading-class materials as it could vie with the likes of Porsche 918, BMW i8, Acura NSX, or Audi R8. This indicates exceptional leather seats, leather wraps in the dashboard and door panels, and real wood veneers.
Other than the inside looks, it will also have some technology improvements. As a result, the new LF-LC is expected to come with all necessary modern interior features that other vehicles in its class offer. So, Lexus equips its Lexus LF-LC 2017 with a high resolution touch-screen display with a hard drive storage and navigation, all current connectivity alternatives and an Enform coordination from Lexus. The new vehicle is also expected to come with highly developed safety features that range from modern airbag system to adaptive travel control. These features are offered as standard or optional ones.

2017 Lexus LF-LC Interior

2017 Lexus LF-LC Interior

2017 Lexus LF-LC Specs, Engine

It is expected that Lexus is going to equip it with a hybrid turbo-four engine that will be fixed at the front part of the vehicle. This will be a V10 engine with the capacity of 4.8 liters that will be capable of producing the required utmost power of 350 HP. With the intention of improving the performance and fuel saving of the new LF-LC, Lexus combines this engine with a powerful electric motor, which would be fixed at the rear part of the new vehicle. This combination offers the new LF-LC a total power output of 550 HP and a total torque of 350 lbs per foot. Furthermore, the new 2017 Lexus comes equipped with a seven-rated double-clutch mechanical transmission, which will be combined with engine to offer better performance.

2017 Lexus LF-LC rear

Release date and price

The 2017 Lexus LF-LC release date will be during the concluding part of 2016, with the starting price range of $100,000 -$200,000 .

Competition: Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari California, Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe, Porsche 911 Turbo

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