2017 Lexus SC Rumors, Specs

The 2017 Lexus SC coupe, also known as the German baiting drop-top, is a luxurious sports car slated for release in 2017. This luxurious, modernized coupe is aimed at attracting both the young as well as the young at heart as long as they have the kind of money to back up their fetishes. Not much has been said about this coupe since it is still under works and the manufacturers would love to keep their work a mystery until the official unveiling. Here are some of the pieces of information that we managed to scoop.

Lexus SC 2017 front

New Lexus SC 2017 Interior

For the speculated price tag that the 2017 Lexus SC will be going for, then expect that the interior is going to give the potential buyers their money’s worth. The might be a high quality leather upholstery or some very expensive material apart from leather. There will be the latest gadgets in the interior as well as ample space for the driver as well as the passengers. There might be Wi-Fi as well as smartphone connectivity function but until the official unveiling, this still remains unclear. So all we can do is wait until something official has been announced.

2017 Lexus SC interior

2017 Lexus SC Interior

2017 Lexus SC Design, Exterior

Nothing much has been said about the Lexus’ interior as well as exterior. It would therefore be a wise thing to wait until the official unveiling. It is also rumored that the chassis color will be painted in accordance to the clients’ personal fetishes. But the color ranges that will be offered are still under wraps. Keep it here for more information.

2017 Lexus SC side


Expect a 5.0L V-8engine with the capacity of crank a 465 horsepower in the GS-F as well as the RC-F models. Though the launch will be a gas engine, there is a huge possibility that a hybrid might be developed down the line. But until then, all we can do is wait and see. A rare-drive transmission will be presented at the launch but there is still a possibility of a four-wheel drive being added down the line. For the F-version of this Lexus, there is a chance that a twin-turbo version of the V-8 will be produced. Of all the versions of the Lexus that will or are bound to be produced, the transmission will be automatic.

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2017 Lexus SC front

Price and date of release

The Auto Show from which the next gen Lexus SC coupe will make its debut is still unknown though we expect it to be early in 2016 since the coupe is undergoing its final stages of development and testing as we speak. As far as the price goes, expect the German baiting drop-top to go for a price range between $80,000 and $95,000. Keep it here for any developments.

Lexus SC 2017 front

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