2017 Toyota C-HR Concept

Toyota, the leading Japanese automaker, is acknowledged for many things, but fancy and strangeness are not principal among them. It is no doubt that the new-fangled Prius is weird, but not in an enjoyable way. On the other hand, the 2017 Toyota C-HR Concept is weird in an immense manner. Even better, it is headed for manufacture and, it will most likely be badged a Scion for the US market, which provides it with free license to allow its freak flag to fly.

2017 Toyota C-HR Concept front

Toyota C-HR Concept Design concept

An advancement of the matte-blue design revision” of the identical name that debuted previously at the auto show in Paris, the new Toyota C-HR Concept 2017 has germinated an additional set of doors to become a total of four doors and looks almost as aggressive as its predecessor in spite of being one step nearer to production. The C-HR Concept will sprint high on a set of massive wheels pushed advanced to the corners of its swoopy body that features a further-aggressive iteration of the Angry Birds face of Toyota.

like with the Nissan Juke, there are many jarring details in the design, including a strange even plane in the front bumper, headlights mounted almost at chest level, a profound swage line lifting up before the back fenders, and a spectacular waistline peak in the back doors. The L-shaped taillights adorn the back part of the new concept vehicle.

2017 Toyota C-HR Concept

Much is possible to change in the production-target model, which according to Toyota that it will take place at the 2016 auto show in Geneva. It is expected that expect that the roofline of the new concept vehicle will be changed to house taller passengers, at the same time as the greenhouse would grow a bit, as well, so those same passengers can see out really.

Minor elements, such as the mirrors, diffuser, and headlight innards would change, as well. Moreover, the wheels and their tires will definitely get smaller to humbler measurements. If it certainly becomes the long-expected Scion crossover, which according to earlier rumors, people shall see how much the automaker changes the front fascia to synchronize it up with any of the existing products of Scion. None of which are apparently connected in any way through design.

2017 Toyota C-HR Concept side

2017 Toyota C-HR Concept Engine

The 2017 Toyota C-HR Concept, which is the production model, uses the New Global Architecture of Toyota, which underpins the 2017 model Prius, an automobile that is making its first appearance in Frankfurt Auto Show, as well. Not accidentally, the new concept comes set with a hybrid engine, even though the automaker did not confirm which, if any, of its engine components are common with the Prius. The upcoming production model approximately will definitely be motorized by a naturally aspirated, four-banger engine and will be offered with both the front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes, as do all of its contenders. Estimation is that C-HR will accelerate from 0-60 mph for 8 sec with Top Speed of 110 mph.

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2017 Toyota C-HR Concept rear

The new 2017 Toyota C-HR will challenge against the resemblances of the Jeep Renegade and the Mazda CX-3 when it hits the market. It is worth noting down that just one or two steps away on the Frankfurt show flooring, Nissan upped its individual funkiness share by unveiling the aggressive Gripz concept, a production model of which may launch in 2017 as a cohort to the Juke.

2017 Toyota C-HR Concept pictures

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