Toyota S-FR Concept

Heading up the vehicle lineup of debuts of Toyota at the 2015 auto show in Tokyo is the S-FR concept coupe that is expected to come equipped with an undersized, front-engine, which is going to be offered with the rear-drive mode. The Toyota S-FR concept is chiefly aimed at boosting the performance image of the company. The 2+2 sports coupe will have a solid configuration that the automaker exemplifies it as an admission-level sports coupe, the one, which is headed for manufacture.

Toyota S-FR Concept front

Toyota S-FR Exterior concept

The Toyota S-FR vehicle is illustrated as being a cool-to-drive frivolous sports coupe. It is considered as an admission-level model, which indicates any production alternative would sit below the present GT86. The external dimensions of the new S-FR indicate that the vehicle will be considerably smaller, lower and narrower than the present GT86, with a shorter wheelbase.
The 97.6-inch wheelbase puts the next gen Toyota S-FR vehicle about midway between Toyota’s Scion FR-S and the Mazda Miata. The FR-S from Scion is the present dense rear-drive sports coupe that comes with the wheelbase of 101.2 inches. On the other hand, the Miata from Mazda comes with the wheelbase of 90.9 inches. So, also, does the overall length that measures 157 inches, when compared to the body length of 160 inches and 154 inches as that of the Miata. With the breadth of 66.7 inches, the vehicle is narrower than both coupes, and it is taller, as well, with the height of 52 inches.

Toyota S-FR Concept side

Toyota S-FR Concept Interior concept

According to Toyota, the new S-FR concept vehicle with the front engine and with the rear-wheel drive mode, will offer a smooth, receptive and direct handling of the vehicle. This would offer a genuine sense of communication between the driver and the vehicle. The new S-FR concept has been visualized with the future customization and tuning in mind and has a pared-back inside with very few keys and the latest digital instrument cluster inside the cabin of the coupe.
The Toyota S-FR coupe obviously takes its stimulation from the Toyota 1960s Sports 800, with a plain, rounded design. This stands in bleak contrast to current Toyota vehicles, which are a crazy coverlet of angular sheet metal. Similarly, the black inner features organic shapes and is made brighter with the neon-yellow, body-colored pronunciations.

Toyota S-FR Concept interior

Toyota S-FR Concept Engine, Specs, 0-60

The automaker has not yet confirmed the sharing particulars of the mechanical. However, the specifications of the coupe have been disclosed by an online forum that has published some hints. Accordingly, it is expected that the S-FR concept vehicle is going to be equipped with a four-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine with the capacity of 1.5 liters. This engine will be competent to offer the coupe a maximum power output of 130 HP and an utmost torque of 109 lbs per foot. This power is more than sufficient to make the 2160-lb (approx 982 kg) coupe to offer better performance. The engine will be mated to the only available six-rated manual transmission, because Toyota is not going to offer its S-FR concept with an optional automatic transmission. With this combination, the S-FR concept coupe will be capable of offering an average mileage of 55 mpg.
By contrast, the admission-level Mazda MX-5, which is equipped with the same 1.5-litre gasoline engine, attains the velocity from 0-62 mph in 8.3 seconds, with the maximum velocity of 127 mph.

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Toyota S-FR Concept rear

Release date and price

The Toyota S-FR Concept release date is expected for sale during the early part of 2017, expecting those sales would extend to American shores, too. The disclosed specifications suggest a cost of about $12,500 for the new S-FR in Japan.

Toyota S-FR Concept images

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