Toyota S-FR Racing Concept

IToyota unveiled its S-FR concept at the 2015 Motor Show in Tokyo as a compact, admission-level sports coupe that was constructed with the intention of making the modern buyers fall in love with its driving. If the concept generates a production model, the Toyota S-FR Concept will be placed on the GT 86 model or the Scion FR-S model as a hardtop rival for the Mazda MX-5. Until that occurs, the Japanese automaker introduced yet another model of the sports coupe, this time, around ready for the racetrack. Built in partnership with Gazoo Racing, the motorsport division of Toyota, the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept would get a more aggressive look because of its frivolous design and a race-prepped body kit.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept front

S-FR Racing Concept Changes, Exterior

Even though the size and shape are identical to the road-running model, the concept stands out due to a complete aerodynamic package that comes with everything needs to turn out to be a full-fledged racecar.
In the front, S-FR racing concept comes equipped with a novel grille with an extra intake beneath the Toyota badge, a huge splitter and a duo of canards where the mist lamps are on the road coupe. Both the canards and the splitter are made from carbon-fiber-strengthened plastic. The engine hood now features a pair of rapid-release pins near the headlights. Even though everything else left unchanged, these external modifications offer the new S-FR Racing coupe a more aggressive posture.

Around back, things get somewhat wild, where the coupe gains a huge diffuser, a center-installed exhaust pipe, aerodynamic winglets on both sides of the bumper, and a huge wing. The sides were also restyled for racing, now having slender mirrors, aerodynamic side skirts, and frivolous, black-painted alloy wheels wrapped by racing rubber tires. The new concept also switched from body-colored handles to black door handles and had its fuel lid shifted on the C-pillar. Naturally, it positions much closer to the ground and if Gazoo Racing were serious regarding this project, it would also feature a race-spec belly pan.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept side

Overall, the Kei sedan proportions of the S-FR Concept make it appear somewhat strange, particularly with that huge wing at the back. However, it is the sort of appearance, which hints toward enormous amounts of downforce and a coupe that would stay attached to the track.


The Japanese automaker has not yet released the photos of the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept interior. However, it provides a plethora of hints as to what the race edition might have an interior look. Considering Gazoo Racing does not joke around when it comes to its race car, the new S-FR Racing coupe is probable to have a no-garbage cockpit with the dashboard would only be borrowed from the road-going edition. Everything else was either eliminated or replaced with frivolous components, such as plain door panels, racing seats, and an even-bottom steering wheel. The concept is also expected to come with a bespoke instrument cluster.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept interior

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Engine

Much similar to the current S-FR, the engine is still a mystery. However, based on the size of the vehicle, it is expected that the new concept car would be powered by a four-cylinder engine with the displacement of 1.5 liters. This engine will be capable of generating 150 ponies, which is more than that of the standard S-FR by 50 ponies. The old race-spec manual transmission system will be replaced with a six-velocity transmission system. Besides with a more commanding drivetrain, the new S-FR Racing Concept would also feature a more athletic suspension and improved brake calipers and rotors at all its four corners.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept rear

Date of release and price

The Toyota S-FR Racing Concept release date was late 2015 with the base price of $ 20,000.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept photos


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